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27 Items You Can’t Sell on Facebook Marketplace

items that you cant sell on facebook marketplace

Looking to declutter your home or make some extra cash by selling your items on Facebook Marketplace?

But before you head to Facebook Marketplace, it’s important to know what you can’t sell. There are certain items that you can’t sell on Facebook Marketplace due to safety concerns, legal regulations, or community guidelines.

From weapons to animals, there’s a range of prohibited items you need to be aware of to avoid your listings getting taken down or your account getting banned.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 27 items that you can’t sell on Facebook Marketplace. So that you can be sure that your selling experience goes smoothly!

27 Items That You Can’t Sell on Facebook Marketplace

1- All Items that are Against Poshmark Community Standards:

Facebook Marketplace enforces a strict Community Standards to maintain a safe and respectful environment for its users. This means that any item that goes against these standards, such as promoting hate speech, violence, or discrimination, cannot be sold on the platform.

2- Adult Items:

Facebook Marketplace prohibits the sale of adult products, which includes items such as pornography, sex toys, and other explicit materials. This aligns with Facebook’s efforts to create a family-friendly and safe platform for all users, including minors.

3- Documents, Currency, and Financial Instruments:

documents, currency, and financial instruments

Facebook does not allow the buying or selling of real or fake documents, currency, financial instruments, or virtual currency. This helps them in preventing fraudulent activities and illegal transactions on the marketplace, safeguarding buyers from potential scams or financial harm.

4- Alcohol:

Selling alcohol on Facebook Marketplace is not allowed. This restriction is in place to comply with various laws and regulations surrounding the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, it helps prevent the potential for illegal or underage sales.

5- Gambling:

Facebook Marketplace strictly prohibits the promotion of online gambling activities for money or money’s worth, including digital currencies. This policy aligns with regulations aimed at curbing illegal gambling practices and protecting users, particularly those who may be vulnerable to gambling addiction or exploitation.

6- Hazardous Goods and Materials:

hazardous goods and materials

Facebook Marketplace does not permit the buying or selling of hazardous materials and substances. This policy prioritizes user safety and prevents the potential risk of harm or injury associated with handling dangerous goods.

7- Body Parts and Fluids:

The buying or selling of human body parts or fluids is also strictly prohibited on Facebook Marketplace. This policy is in line with ethical and legal considerations regarding the human body and aims to prevent exploitation or illegal activities.

8- Discrimination:

Facebook Marketplace prohibits the sale of items or services that discriminate against individuals based on personal characteristics such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, etc. This policy aims to foster an inclusive and respectful marketplace environment where all users feel welcome and valued.

9- Pirated Software and Certain Electronic Devices:

pirated software and electronics

Facebook Marketplace restricts the sale of certain electronic devices and digital media that may facilitate unauthorized access to content or interfere with the functionality of other devices. This includes items like jailbroken devices or devices with pirated software. This policy helps protect intellectual property rights and prevent the spread of unauthorized content.

10- Human Exploitation and Sexual Services:

Facebook Marketplace prohibits the promotion of any form of human trafficking, prostitution, escort services, or sexual services. This policy reflects Facebook’s commitment to combating human exploitation and ensuring a safe and respectful platform environment for all users.

11- No Item for Sale:

This point emphasizes that listings on Facebook Marketplace must offer a tangible product for sale. Listings purely for promoting news, humor, or other content without any product are not allowed.

12- Medical and Healthcare Products:

Facebook Marketplace does not allow the promotion of medical and healthcare products or services. This is likely to prevent the sale of potentially harmful or regulated medical devices and to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

13- Vehicle Parts and Accessories:

vehicle parts and accessories

Certain vehicle parts and accessories are restricted from being sold on Facebook Marketplace. This restriction may be due to safety concerns or to comply with regulations regarding the sale of automotive components. Selling such items outside of regulated channels can pose risks to buyers, such as purchasing counterfeit or faulty parts.

14- Misleading, Violent, or Hateful:

Listings on Facebook Marketplace must not contain misleading, violent, or hateful products or offers. This is to maintain a safe and respectful environment for users and to prevent the dissemination of harmful or offensive content.

15- Stolen Goods:

Facebook Marketplace prohibits the sale of stolen goods. This is in line with legal and ethical standards, as selling stolen items is illegal and unethical. By prohibiting the sale of stolen goods, Facebook aims to maintain a safe and reputable marketplace for its buyers.

16- Prescription Products, Drugs, and Drug Paraphernalia:

prescription products, drugs

Facebook Marketplace prohibits the buying or selling of any drugs, prescription products, or drug paraphernalia. This is in line with legal regulations and Facebook’s policies to prevent the sale of illegal or regulated substances.

17- Sexually Positioned Products:

This point prohibits listings that position products or services in a sexually suggestive manner. Facebook aims to maintain a family-friendly environment and avoid content that may be considered inappropriate or offensive.

18- Ingestible Supplements:

Facebook Marketplace does not allow the sale of ingestible supplements. This is likely due to concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of such products, as well as potential legal issues surrounding their sale.

19- Recalled Products:

Listings for products that have been recalled by the manufacturer or regulatory authorities are not allowed. This is to protect consumers from potentially harmful or defective products.

20- Tobacco Products and Related Paraphernalia:

tobacco products and other

Facebook Marketplace does not allow the sale of tobacco products or related paraphernalia. This policy aligns with regulations regarding the sale of tobacco products, which are often subject to age restrictions and other legal requirements. By prohibiting the sale of tobacco products, Facebook helps ensure compliance with relevant laws and promotes a healthy and safe marketplace environment.

21- Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives:

Facebook Marketplace strictly prohibits the sale of weapons, ammunition, and explosives. This prohibition aligns with broader efforts to prevent the illicit sale and distribution of potentially dangerous items. Allowing such items to be sold on a platform like Facebook Marketplace could pose serious safety risks and legal liabilities.

22- Services:

Facebook Marketplace is primarily designed for buying and selling physical goods, so listings for services are not permitted. This ensures that the platform remains focused on facilitating transactions for tangible items.

23- Used Cosmetics:

used cosmetics

Facebook Marketplace prohibits the sale of used cosmetics or those not sold in their original packaging. This policy is likely in place to ensure the safety and hygiene of users, as used cosmetics can pose health risks due to potential contamination or expired ingredients.

24- Third-Party Infringement:

Facebook Marketplace prohibits listings that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties, including copyright or trademark violations. This includes the sale of counterfeit goods, which can deceive consumers and harm legitimate businesses. By enforcing this policy, Facebook aims to protect intellectual property rights and maintain trust within the marketplace.

25- Jobs:

Facebook Marketplace prohibits the promotion of job opportunities. This is to prevent misuse of the platform for recruitment purposes and to maintain its focus on buying and selling goods and services rather than employment opportunities.

26- Land, Animals, and Animal Products:

animals and animal products

Selling land, animals, or animal products on Facebook Marketplace is prohibited. This restriction is likely in place to prevent the exploitation of animals and to avoid potential legal complications related to the sale of land.

27- Subscriptions and Digital Products:

Facebook Marketplace does not allow the sale of subscriptions or digital products. This restriction helps prevent fraudulent transactions and protects users from potential scams related to digital content or subscriptions. It also aligns with Facebook’s focus on physical goods rather than digital services.

How to Appeal If an Item is Wrongly Disapproved by Facebook Marketplace?

If you feel that your listing has been rejected for violating Facebook Marketplace policies and you believe that it’s a mistake, you can send a review request by following the below steps. Facebook Marketplace will take another look and will reinstate your listing if your claim in right.

1- Open marketplace item appeal form.

2- Select the items that you would like to appeal.

3- Click the “Send” button.

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