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How to Change Your Email Address on Etsy

How to Change Your Email Address on Etsy

Your Etsy account is your gateway to a world of unique handmade crafts, vintage treasures, and personalized goods. But what happens when you need to update your email address? No matter if it’s a security concern or simply want to keep your information updated, you must know how to change your email address on Etsy. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of changing your Etsy email address. So, without further delay let’s begin:

Common Reasons for Changing Email Address On Etsy

1- Security Issues:

security issues

If you think someone has gotten hold of your Etsy account details, like your password or email, it’s smart to switch to a new email. This will help you in keeping your account safe, especially if you have a selling account on Etsy.

2- Privacy Concerns:

If you’re worried about your privacy and think your current email could make you vulnerable, it’s okay to change it. Maybe someone tried to log into your account, or you’re using a weak password connected to your email. Changing your email can add an extra layer of security.

3- Account Management:

account management

Sometimes, you might just want to switch to a new email for general reasons. If you’re moving to a new email address and don’t want to stop using your Etsy account, changing your email is the way to go. This is helpful if you’re selling things or have orders in progress on Etsy.

How to Change Email Address on Etsy?

  1. Visit and then click on the profile icon.
  2. Next, go to Account settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Email section and input a new email in the Change your email form.
  4. Then, click Change Email.
  5. A window will appear mentioning “Enter security code.” You will recive the security code on the email address that is associated with your Etsy account.
  6. Enter the code in the field and click Submit.

How Long Does It Take for Email Address to Change?

When you change your email address on Etsy, there’s typically a waiting period before you can make another change. This waiting period is set to 24 hours.

This policy likely exists for several reasons:

  1. Security: Waiting for 24 hours between email changes adds an extra layer of security. It helps to prevent unauthorized access to your account by making it more difficult for someone who gains access to quickly change the email address associated with the account.
  2. Verification: The waiting period allows Etsy to verify the legitimacy of the email change request. During this time, they can ensure that the change is being made by the account owner and not by someone attempting to hijack the account.
  3. System Stability: Implementing a waiting period helps to ensure the stability of Etsy’s systems. Rapid changes to email addresses could potentially create issues or errors within the platform, so having a cooldown period between changes helps to mitigate this risk.

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