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Is Poshmark Legit for Buying & Selling

is poshmark legit

Looking to start selling on Poshmark or want to buy something from the online marketplace? If yes then you probably might have this thought in your mind, is Poshmark legit and safe?

Whenever you are buying or selling online, you always have concerns in your mind. Of course, because you often hear people getting scammed on one marketplace or another. That’s why it’s really important to ensure that the marketplace you are buying or selling on is legitimate or not.

In this Poshmark review, we will discuss in detail about Poshmark. We will explain what Poshmark is and how things work on it. Moreover, we will discuss how safe is Poshmark for buyers and sellers.

So without further ado, let’s start:

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell new or gently used clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories. It’s kind of like an online thrift store where people who don’t want their clothes, shoes, or handbags anymore can list them for sale. Other people can then browse through all the items listed and buy the items they like.

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The cool thing about Poshmark is that it makes it really easy for regular people to clean out their closets and make some extra money by selling items they don’t need anymore. On the other hand, it empowers online buyers to find great deals on clothes and fashion accessories that are pre-loved but still in good condition.

Poshmark Reviews

Starting with Trustpilot, there are around 3,729 reviews about Poshmark and the average rating is 1.3 which is pretty bad, but that doesn’t justify the truth.

poshmark trust pilot

Even marketplaces like eBay and Amazon have really poor ratings on Trustpilot. They have an average rating of 1.2 and 1.7 respectively. Alone Trustpilot reviews don’t tell the whole story, as most of them are biased. So, we need to look at reviews on other platforms as well.

On the Google Play Store, the Poshmark app has an average rating of 4.6 based on the opinion of around 166,000 users who rated the app, while the overall number of app downloads is more than 10 million.

Similarly, the Poshmark app has an average rating of 4.8 on the Apple store, with more than 815,000 ratings by users.

poshmark apple store reviews

Is Poshmark Safe for Buyers?

Poshmark is generally a safe marketplace for buyers. There are various policies and systems in place by Poshmark to protect buyers and ensure they have a safe shopping experience. Here’s how Poshmark ensures the safety of its buyers:

1- Buyer Protection Policy:

Poshmark has a comprehensive buyer protection policy that covers every aspect in case a buyer faces any issues with her purchase. No matter if the order received is damaged, not as described, not authentic, or misses something, buyers can open a case and will receive a full refund.

2- Seller Ratings and Reviews:

Poshmark enables buyers to see an individual seller’s profile. Moreover, they can see how long a seller has been part of the Poshmark community and how many followers she has. In addition, buyers can see seller’s ratings and reviews from previous buyers. This transparency helps buyers make better buying decisions and avoid sellers that can potentially scam.

3- Posh Authenticate:

posh authenticate

For high-end luxury items that are priced $500 or more, Poshmark has an authentication process in place. This process involves verifying the authenticity of the luxury items before they get shipped to the buyer, providing an additional layer of protection against fake and counterfeit items.

4- Secure Payments:

Poshmark handles all payments through its secure platform. So, your money as well as your details are safe and if any inconvenience happens Poshmark will return your money. However, buyers have the option to pay via any of the supported payment methods, including credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Affirm, Venmo, and others.

5- Community Guidelines:

Poshmark has strict community guidelines that all poshers must follow. If Poshmark finds out that any user is involved in any illicit activity, he will be suspended or banned immediately.

Is Poshmark Safe for Sellers?

Poshmark not only protects the rights and interests of its buyers but also its sellers, so that they can sell without any concerns. Here’s how Poshmark makes sure that sellers on the marketplace feel protected:

1- Seller Protection Policy:

Just like the protection policy for buyers, Poshmark has a protection policy for sellers that safeguards sellers against non-payment, item return requests, and cases of harassment or abuse from buyers. Moreover, this policy offers Poshmark sellers a safety net and ensures that they are not held responsible for issues beyond their control.

2- Poshmark Authentication Service:

We have already discussed above that for luxury items or items above $500, Poshmark offers an authentication service. This service ensures that the items sold are genuine and not counterfeit and gives sellers peace of mind. Moreover, protecting them from disputes or claims of selling fake items.

3- Secure Payment System:

Poshmark acts as a third-party payment processor, holding the buyer’s payment until the item is successfully delivered and accepted. This eliminates the risk of non-payment for sellers and ensures that they receive their earnings securely and on time.

4- Shipping Protection:

poshmark shipping protection

If a seller is using the Poshmark-provided label and the package is scanned via the USPS tracking system then he will get a full refund if the package gets lost in transit. Moreover, all orders above $400 will require a signature by the buyer upon delivery to provide additional protection to sellers.

5- Transparency and Communication:

Since Poshmark is a social commerce marketplace therefore sellers are more enabled to communicate clearly with buyers. They can report issues, answer queries by buyers, and seek assistance on an issue. Poshmark’s seller support team is always available to help sellers with any inconvenience or issue.

Final Verdict: Is Poshmark Legit?

Yes, Poshmark is indeed a legit marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved fashion items, there is absolutely no doubt about it. Poshmark has been around since 2011 and has millions of app downloads across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, which itself is good enough to prove its legitimacy.

With over 80 million active users worldwide, Poshmark has built a massive community of buyers and sellers which is another testament that the reselling app is legitimate and trustworthy.

However, like any other online marketplace, there is always a chance of encountering a bad experience or scam. But such incidents do not negate the overall legitimacy of the social commerce marketplace.

Poshmark has implemented various measures such as Posh Protect and Posh Authenticate to protect both buyers and sellers. While no system is perfect, these safeguards help mitigate risks and ensure a safer buying and selling experience.

Many popular and responsible media outlets and publications such as Forbes and The New York Times have featured Poshmark, further validating its legitimacy as a recognized online marketplace.

Lastly, we just want to say that it’s really important to exercise caution, follow community guidelines, and use common sense before buying or selling anything on Poshmark. With proper precautions, your experience on Poshmark will be a good one.

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