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Grailed Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

grailed return policy

Have you purchased an item on Grailed, only to find it doesn’t quite meet your expectations?

Whether it’s a sizing issue or a change of heart, understanding Grailed return policy is important for a pleasant and safe shopping experience.

In this blog, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Grailed return policy. From return eligibility criteria to how to get a refund, we’ll cover everything.

So, let’s get started:

What is Grailed Return Policy?

Grailed has a strict no-return policy. All purchases made on the marketplace will be considered final, and no returns, refunds, cancellations, or retractions are permitted unless explicitly allowed by the seller, Grailed, or applicable law.

what is grailed return policy

However, if you receive an item that doesn’t match its listing description, you can report the issue to Grailed support. This must be done within three calendar days of the item being marked as delivered. Grailed may offer “Purchase Protection” for eligible purchases in such cases.

When a complaint is filed, Grailed usually reviews the situation and decides whether to direct the buyer to the seller, suggest filing a dispute with the payment processor, or investigate the matter itself. Moreover, Grailed may require you to ship the item to them or the seller as part of the process.

If Grailed approves a refund under Purchase Protection, they will reimburse you on behalf of the seller for the amount owed. It’s important to note that all decisions regarding refunds and Purchase Protection are made at Grailed’s sole discretion.

Will Grailed Issue a Refund If an Item doesn’t fit?

Grailed generally does not issue refunds if an item doesn’t fit as expected. The platform’s policy is designed to protect sellers from fit-related returns.

Returns are typically only eligible if the seller’s description was inaccurate regarding key aspects like authenticity, color, condition, fabric, or measurements. If no measurements were provided, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to confirm fit and sizing before making a purchase.

If the item was accurately described or lacked specific fit information, Grailed recommends trying to reach a mutual agreement with the seller for a return and refund. However, the seller is not obligated to accept such a request.

How to Get a Refund on Grailed via PayPal?

grailed refund via paypal

To get a refund on Grailed via PayPal, you have 180 days from the date of payment to dispute the transaction. This provides a generous window to address any issues with your purchase.

You need to start by contacting the seller directly through Grailed to resolve the issue. If unsuccessful, open a dispute through PayPal. Be aware that if the seller requires the item to be returned before issuing a refund, you’ll be responsible for the return shipping costs.

Moreover, link your PayPal account to a credit card rather than a debit card. This gives you two levels of buyer protection: PayPal’s policies and your credit card’s chargeback options. Credit card policies vary, but many offer similar or even longer dispute periods than PayPal.

Does Grailed Automatically Refund?

All sellers on Grailed are required to add tracking information and ship the item within seven days of the order delivery. If this doesn’t happen, Grailed will automatically process a refund to the buyer after the seven-day period expires.

To help sellers keep track of this deadline, Grailed provides a live countdown clock directly within the message thread between the seller and the buyer. This feature allows Grailed sellers to easily monitor the time remaining to ship the item and avoid automatic refunds.

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