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Vendoo vs. – What’s The Best Crosslisting App?

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If you’ve ever considered expanding your reselling business or spreading your wings to other platforms to get more exposure and sales, then you’ve probably considered crosslisting.


And if you’re farther along your journey, then you’ve maybe tried out a couple of crosslisting/crossposting solutions, and realized that they’re all different, and picking the best one can be a bit of a challenge. 


Some can automatically delist an item once you make a sale while others can’t. Some only let you crosslist to three platforms while others allow for more.


We will be looking at two crosslisting software, Vendoo and, to see how they compare to each other.

But before we compare them, let’s even look at  why we crosslist in the first place;


Why Should You Crosslist?

We crosslist in order to increase our chances of making a sale. 

A Poshmark listing that normally would only be seen by a handful of people on Poshmark, can now be seen by three times more people when listed on eBay, Depop, and Mercari.

Crosslisting to other platforms is also a great hedge for rainy days. If anything should go wrong on your primary platform, like an account restriction, suspension, or algorithm changes that affect your sales, you can always have somewhere to run to without going out of business.

With all that being said, the problem with crosslisting lies in the management of inventory across multiple platforms.

Crosslisting a single item can take 2 to 5 minutes. Multiply that by 200 or 300 listings. Then multiply that again by the number of platforms you wish to crosslist to, and you have hours of work. 

And it doesn’t stop there; you have to go in and delist an item from all other platforms when it sells on one, to avoid double selling.

This can cause a lot of stress and make something that is supposed to be a fun side hustle, start to feel like a full-time job.

The aforementioned reason is why resellers use crosslisting tools like and Vendoo to automate crosslisting multiple items to multiple platforms. 

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Sales Detection and Automatic Delisting

Vendoo has sale detection and auto-delist available for four of their ten platforms only.

And for the feature to work, your computer has to stay on and connected to the marketplaces.

You also have to disable sleep mode on your computer else it won’t work.

Vendoo also isn’t perfect when it comes to detecting eBay sales as it reports and delists at the moment of purchase initiation regardless of if the buyer has paid or not. automatically detects a sale and delists the item from all other marketplaces. This way, you avoid selling an item twice.

It detects sales and delists across all seven marketplaces, doesn’t have eBay reporting errors, and doesn’t need your computer to stay on; as it is cloud-based.

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How Many New Monthly Listings?

Another important thing to look out for when picking a crosslisting app is the number of new listings you’re allowed to create or import every month.

These are the listings you’ll be crosslisting to other marketplaces.

Tier 1

Vendoo lets you add 25 new listings to crosslist for $8.99 per month. lets you add or import 50 new listings to crosslist for the same $9.99 per month. 

Tier 2

Vendoo lets you add 125 new listings to crosslist for $19.99 per month. lets you add or import 150 new listings to crosslist for the same $19.99 per month. 

Tier 3

Vendoo lets you add 250 new listings to crosslist for $29.99 per month. lets you add or import 300 new listings to crosslist for the same $29.99 per month. 

Tier 4

Vendoo lets you add 600 new listings to crosslist for $49.99 per month. lets you add or import 600 new listings to crosslist for the same $39.99 per month.

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Fully Working Mobile App

Vendoo is primarily a browser-based application. They have a mobile app but it’s pretty limited as far as what you can do. 

There is currently no way to import new listings using the mobile app.

You still have to use a computer to import your listings from marketplaces to Vendoo before you can crosslist. comes out tall once again with a robust mobile app that allows you to import your existing listings from other marketplaces or alternatively create new listings, crosslist to seven different platforms, and automate delisting when you make a sale.

There’s also an additional web app if you prefer working on the computer.

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How Many Platforms Can You Crosslist to?

Vendoo lets you crosslist to only three of their ten marketplaces. If you wish to list to more marketplaces, then you have to pay an extra $4.99 per month to do that. gives you the option to crosslist to all seven marketplaces at no extra cost. 

Cost of Importing Existing Listings

Vendoo doesn’t let you import your existing listings from marketplaces into their platform in any of their plans.

You have to either re-create the listings from scratch or buy their $4.99-a-month import add-on to do so. 

And without your listings imported, you cannot delist or use any of their core features.

So, you will either pay for the add-on to import your listings or you will have to manually recreate each of your listings on Vendoo. saves the day by offering free importing at no extra fee.

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What's More Affordable?

Both and Vendoo have plans that are under $10, $20, and $30, except Vendoo sells its key features as add-ons, making it a lot more complex for you to determine the true cost of the software. 

Paying an extra $4.99 to import your listings and another $4.99 to crosslist to more than three marketplaces, adds another $9.98 to your original cost. 

You’re better off going with a tool like that doesn’t charge you for add-ons.

You get all the features at no extra cost regardless of the plan you choose.

The only thing that changes from plan to plan is the number of new listings you can create/import every month.

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Final Verdict: What’s the Best Crosslisitng Tool?

The best crosslisting app is one that automatically marks your items as sold on all other platforms once it sells on one, to avoid double selling and order cancellations. That’s the most important thing to look out for in any crosslisting application you decide to go for.

It should also be able to import your existing listings from other marketplaces and not require you to recreate every listing all over again.

And finally, it has to be affordable with a straightforward pricing structure! You shouldn’t be paying for extra add-ons every time you want to do something.

And if there’s one crosslisting app that checks all these boxes, then it has to be Try it out for free here and see for yourself!

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