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How to Send an Invoice on Ebay

how to send invoice on ebay

Ever received an order on eBay but didn’t get the payment?

It can be frustrating, right?

Most new buyers on eBay often face this situation, and they don’t know how to deal with it. Well, the solution to this problem is pretty simple. You just need to send your buyer an invoice. He will pay the pending amount and finally, you can fulfill the order.

Now, you might be wondering how to send an invoice on eBay.

Don’t worry, because, in this seller guide, we’ll explain in simple steps how you can create an invoice on eBay and send it to your buyer.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why a Seller Needs to Send an Invoice on Ebay?

When you sell something on eBay, sometimes the person who buys it doesn’t pay right away. It’s like when you buy something online and you forget to pay for it immediately.

As a seller, you have two options when someone hasn’t paid the order amount. You can either remind the buyer to pay by sending him an invoice, which is like a bill telling him how much he owes, or you can cancel the order altogether.

Sending an invoice is a polite way to remind the buyer to complete the purchase and pay for the item he bought from you. It helps keep track of transactions and ensures that both you and the buyer follow through with the sale smoothly.

How to Send an Invoice on Ebay?

1- Go to eBay Seller hub and log in to your account.

ebay sign in

2- Next, hover over “My eBay” and click “Selling.”

my ebay selling

3- Then, hover over the “Orders” tab and click “Awaiting Payments.”

awaiting payments ebay

4- After that, click “Send Invoice” on the order in question.

send invoices

5- Proceed to next page and verify if shipping fee and shipping method is correct.

send invoice button

6- Lastly, add a note to the buyer if you want to and then click the “Send Invoice.”

Important to Know:

You can send an invoice to remind someone to pay for something they bought on eBay, but you have to do it within 30 days of the sale. If you miss that window, you won’t be able to send an invoice anymore. So, it’s important to keep track of time and send the invoice before it’s too late.

Final Words:

Being a seller on eBay means you need to be active all the time and grab every opportunity that comes your way. By sending invoices to your buyers who forgot to pay for their orders, you can’t just increase your sales but also let your buyers know that you take them seriously.

We hope that you now know how to send an invoice on eBay. Keep following Crosslisting for more guides related to eBay and other online marketplaces.

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