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How to Block a Buyer on Etsy

how to block a buyer on etsy

Selling on Etsy is usually a great experience but there are times when you bump into obnoxious people whom you don’t want to deal with. In that case, you look for a way to either block or report them so that you don’t have to see them again.

In today’s blog, we will explain in detail how to block a buyer on Etsy. Not only we will talk about the reasons why you might want to block someone but we will also explain what happens when you block someone on Etsy. In addition, we will explain how you can unblock a person on Etsy.

So let’s begin:

Why You Might Need to Block Someone on Etsy?

Harassment or Abuse:

abuse on etsy

If someone is harassing you in Etsy messages, leaving abusive feedback, or engaging in any other form of inappropriate behavior then you might want to block him to avoid further interaction.

Unreasonable Demands:

Some Etsy buyers might make unreasonable demands or constantly request refunds or discounts without valid reasons. Blocking such buyers can help you maintain your boundaries and protect your business.

Non-Payment or Payment Issues:

If a buyer repeatedly fails to pay for their purchases or encounters payment issues then blocking him can prevent further transactions that may result in financial loss or inconvenience.

Violation of Etsy Policies:

etsy policy

Buyers who repeatedly violate Etsy’s policies, such as engaging in fraudulent activities or violating intellectual property rights, may need to be blocked to maintain the integrity of the platform.

Negative Impact on Business:

Continuously dealing with problematic buyers can affect your mental well-being and business operations. Blocking such buyers can help alleviate stress and maintain a positive working environment.

Personal Safety Concerns:

In rare cases, if you feel threatened or unsafe due to a buyer’s behavior, blocking him can provide a sense of security and prevent further contact.

What Happens If I Block Someone on Etsy?

When you block someone on Etsy what it does is that it prevents him from seeing your personal activities. So, if you block someone, he won’t be able to see what items or shops you add to your favorites and everything else on your Etsy personal profile which is of course different from your Etsy shop.

So, you can’t simply prevent a buyer from buying from your Etsy shop. But, what you can do is cancel the order of the buyer that you don’t want to cater to.

If someone is bothering or harassing you on Etsy then send him a message and let him know that you don’t want to hear from him anymore. If he continues annoying you, don’t answer him and contact Etsy support and they will take care of the matter.

How to Report an Etsy Message?

If you receive a message on Etsy that you feel is scammy, spammy, or wrong in any way then you can report it simply by marking it as “Spam.” Here’s how to do it:

1- Log in to your Etsy account.

2- Go to your “Messages.”

3- Select the “Message” that you want to report.

how to report message on etsy

4- Lastly, click “Mark as Spam.”

How to Block a Buyer on Etsy?

If you want to block a buyer on Etsy so that he can’t follow your activities on Etsy, then all you need to do is go to his Etsy profile. Next, you need to go to the bottom of the profile page, and there you will find the “Block this person” link.

etsy block this person

Click the link, and a pop-up will appear saying “You are about to block (Person name), Once they are blocked, they will no longer be able to follow you.” Click the block button, and that’s it.

Note: The person you blocked won’t be notified about your action.

How to Unblock a Buyer on Etsy?

The process of unblocking a buyer on Etsy is pretty simple and very much similar to blocking him. You just need to go to his personal profile, go to the bottom of the profile page, and you will find the “Unblock this person” link. Click it and then click the “Unblock” button.


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