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How to Make More Sales on Poshmark 2024

how to make more sales on poshmark 2024

So far, 2024 has been a challenging year for Poshmark sellers and is expected to be a tough one throughout. But don’t worry because it’s not just you who is feeling the heat, it’s every seller’s story.

In this guide, we will tell you how to make more sales on Poshmark in 2024. We will share with you unorthodox yet powerful strategies that you can implement to skyrocket your sales and turn your dead Poshmark account into a profitable one.

So let’s begin:

Why 2024 Will Be a Tough Year for Poshmark Sellers?

In 2024, Poshmark sellers are facing some tough times, and it’s not just about what’s happening this year—it’s about the rollercoaster ride the economy has been on since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Back in 2020, the pandemic hit the world like a wrecking ball. Many people lost their jobs, and businesses were forced to shut down temporarily. This led to a huge economic mess with high unemployment rates and financial instability all around.

Then, as things started to pick up again, we saw a sudden jump in prices for pretty much everything. This is what we call inflation, and it’s like when the cost of your favorite items at the store suddenly goes up. So, even though people were getting back to work, they were feeling the squeeze because their money didn’t stretch as far anymore.

why 2024 will be a tough year for poshmark sellers

Now, fast forward to 2024, and things are still shaky. Unemployment has dropped, which sounds good, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Interest rates set by the government are high, meaning borrowing money isn’t cheap. Plus, big companies are still laying off workers, making job security a real concern.

For Poshmark sellers, all this economic drama means trouble. When people are worried about money, they’re not as keen to splurge on fancy clothes or fashion accessories. So, even if you’ve got great items in your Poshmark closet to sell, finding buyers willing to spend will be a challenge.

7 Strategies to Make More Sales on Poshmark in 2024

1- List Regularly

You might have heard the line “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency.” Well, the same is the case on Poshmark.

Poshmark has its own algorithm for ranking search results, and it usually benefits those sellers who are more active on the social commerce marketplace. The best way to show the Poshmark algorithm that you are active is to list items on a regular basis.

So, for instance, if you have 30 items to list, you can either list all of them at once or list one item each day for 30 days straight.

However, you should know that listing each item a day will yield better results for you on Poshmark as the algorithm will perceive that you are performing an activity daily and really putting in effort.

Moreover, when you list items regularly what happens is that those items pop up in the Poshmark’s “Just In” search results and feed of your followers. As they get to see your items every day, you have a better chance of making sales.

poshmark just in search

2- Relist Your Items Once in a While

As we mentioned earlier, the Poshmark algorithm prioritizes those sellers who are most active on the platform. Listing items is not the only way to remain active on Poshmark, you can also delist your items and relist them again to register your activity.

Relisting items on Poshmark is like giving your listings a fresh start. When you relist an item, it’s like putting it back on the market as if it’s brand new. This can catch the attention of new buyers who might have missed it before.

Moreover, relisting bumps your item up in the search results, so more people see it. It’s kind of like giving your item another chance to find its perfect match!

3- Optimize Listings with SEO Keywords

Optimizing your listings with SEO keywords can make a huge difference in your sales on Poshmark. SEO, or search engine optimization, basically means making your listings more visible and attractive to both Poshmark’s internal search and external search engines like Google.

poshmark seo

Let’s break down what a great SEO listing looks like:

  • Item Description: Clearly state what the item is. Don’t leave people guessing.
  • Brand or Style Name: Include the brand name or the specific style name if applicable. This helps poshers looking for that particular brand or style find your listing.
  • Style Type and Features: Describe the style of the item and any distinctive features it has. This will give buyers a better idea of what they’re getting.
  • Size and Size Type: Make sure to include the size of the item and whether it’s regular, petite, plus size, etc. This is crucial information for buyers.
  • Material Composition: Mention what the item is made of. Fabric type can be a big factor for some buyers.
  • Colors & Patterns: Describe the color and any patterns or designs on the item. This helps people search for specific colors or patterns.
  • Relevant Measurements: Provide measurements like bust, waist, inseam, etc. This helps buyers ensure that the item will fit them properly.
  • Style Tags and Keywords: Use relevant keywords and tags throughout your description. Think about what words people might use when searching for your item and include them naturally in your description.

By including all this information and using relevant keywords, you’ll not only improve your visibility within Poshmark but also attract buyers from external search engines like Google.

When I started listing like this, my sales shot up, and I started getting more buyers who found my listings through Google searches. So, don’t underestimate the power of good SEO on Poshmark!

4- Share Everyday

Sharing is the driving force for sellers on Poshmark. You can’t make sales on Poshmark if your sharing game is not strong.

poshmark share

Whenever you share an item on Poshmark what happens is that it appears in the default “Just Shared” search result on Poshmark. Moreover, it appears in the Poshmark feed of your followers.

In addition, sharing helps you get more followers on Poshmark which further helps you make more sales and get ahead of the curve.

However, it’s important to know that you need to put some serious effort into sharing. A few shares will barely get you any results. You need to perform hundreds or even thousands of shares each day to get a few sales.

Now, you might be wondering if it’s even possible to share hundreds or thousands of times in a day.

Well, the answer is yes. You can do it yourself but the smart way is to use a reliable Poshmark bot. You can buy a premium Poshmark bot and it will help you perform thousands of shares without the risk of being share jailed.

5- Make Offers to Likers

“Offer to Likers” is a great feature for Poshmark sellers to boost their sales, especially in tough economic times when buyers are hesitant to make a purchase.

The OTL feature enables sellers to offer discounts to those poshers who have liked your item. You can either drop the price of your item by 10% at least or offer a shipping discount.

offer to likers poshmark

As a Poshmark seller, you need to be vigilant on the platform. As soon as someone likes your item, you should make an offer to her.

A posher only likes an item if she falls in love with it or is interested in buying it. So when you offer a special discount to her, immediately after she hits the “Like” button, she is more likely to accept the offer.

6- Crosslist Items to Other Marketplaces

If you’re finding that sales on Poshmark are sluggish despite putting in a lot of effort, it might be time to explore other online marketplaces.

Poshmark is just one piece of the pie in the world of reselling. There are numerous online platforms where you can sell fashion clothing and accessories, some with an even larger buyer base than Poshmark.

Diversifying where you sell is key. Instead of solely relying on Poshmark, consider listing your items on multiple marketplaces. This not only increases your chances of making sales but also exposes your items to a wider audience.

You might be thinking, do I have to manually list everything again on the other marketplace?

Fortunately, no!

You can use the Crosslisting app that makes this process super easy. With just a few taps, you can cross-list your Poshmark items on various other marketplaces, including eBay, Depop, Mercari, Kidizen, Grailed, Vinted, and more.

marketplaces for crossliting app

7- Get in Touch with Former Buyers

If you’re finding that your sales on Poshmark are slowing down, don’t worry! There’s a neat trick to boost them up again, reconnecting with your previous buyers.

Poshmark has a handy tool called “My Shoppers” that lets you reach out to buyers who have purchased from you before. It’s like sending a friendly hello to old friends!

All you need to do is send a message to your previous buyers, thanking them for their past support and offering them a special deal, like a discount on everything in your closet.

Here’s how you can reach out to poshers who’ve previously purchased from your closet:

“Hi! As a valued supporter of my small business, I wanted to express my gratitude by extending a special offer to you. For a limited time, enjoy an exclusive x% discount on everything in my closet. Thank you for your continued support – it means the world to me.”

This personal touch can make them feel valued and appreciated. Plus, who doesn’t love a good discount, right?

Reaching out to former buyers, especially those who had a great experience shopping with you before, can turn them into loyal customers.

They already know and trust you, so they’re more likely to come back and shop again, especially when there’s a tempting offer involved!

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